I worked with two poets within this project to accompany my photographs, the first being Samantha Jagger who wrote five short 'Verses' on the Clouds, Heather, Wind, Pine and Water. These verses create a feeling within the reader of what and how i was feeling whilst i was there.


Every book which i make for this project is self printed, bound and covered by myself. I feel this creates personal connection to each and every one. The small imperfections which each book holds is a connection to every imperfection which the Moors hold and show through its elegance. 

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'North Moor' is a series of photographs in which i have been working on over the last half of 2020. Within this project i wanted to show the bleak emptiness of the North York Moors. 

From around my 10-20 trips walking, driving and looking around the moors i have gathered a series of 22 images which go into my latest book. 


The next being Max Hawley who wrote 'Amid Fields of Purple' this poem creates a story within the reader is focused in the battlefield. With both poets i wanted to leave the writing up to them, gathering their ideas and feelings from my photographs and experiences.